This statement outlines our policy for dealing with any personal information you provide us in your interacton with us through our website, over the phone and in person at our  various retail outlets.

We may collect information about you that you choose to provide, such as you email address, postal address or various other contact details.

We collect this information to assist us in:

  • Providing a more personalised experience
  • Fulfilling delivery of our products
  • Improving our level of service
  • Providing information on news and promotions

We use the personal information you provide only for purposes consistent with the reason you provided it, or for a directly related purpose. Your information will not be used or disclosed for any purpose unrelated to that for which it has been collected.

We may disclose your information to third parties including:

  • Organisations we use to carry out activities on our behalf
  • To assist in fulfilling the delivery of a product or service
  • As required by law

You have the right to request access to the personal information you provide, and to correct or update this information.

For any questions regarding you personal information or this policy contact:

Pizza Cutters Pty Ltd
PO Box 294
NSW 2126

Or via email: [email protected]